Black Friday (June 22nd): Support War-Resistors/Troops Out NOW!

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Black Friday (June 22nd): Support War-Resistors/Troops Out NOW!



Support the Canadian War-Resistors:
Wear Black this Friday, June 22nd, 2007.

As a war-resister, I urgently ask all my City of Toronto Co-Workers (& all peace-loving rabblers) to wear BLACK this Friday June 23rd, 2007 as a show of solidarity & support for Canadian war-resistors and as a protest against the City of Toronto’s continuing support for the Canadian military occupation/war in Afghanistan. Canadian war resisters continue to build a national campaign to ensure that the Canadian government immediately brings Canadian troops home before more soldiers and Afghani civilians have to die!

Here’s is a video of what 37 Toronto City Councillors voted to support:



Davis Mirza -Youth Worker/ City of Toronto

War Resisters Canada: [url=] {get your black War-Resister T-Shirts from [email protected] or Phone: 416.598.1222}

Support War Resisters Links:

Military Families Speak Out Canadian Peace Alliance
Toronto Coalition to Stop the War, Vancouver
TravelingSoldier Iraq Veterans Against the War
Canadian Friends Service Committee Soldiers Say No
Thank You Lt. Watada


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