Cameron does the Tar Sands - Rabble report

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Cameron does the Tar Sands - Rabble report

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Andrew Nikiforuk did a great write up on James Cameron's visit to the tarsands in Alberta.


Cameron did a great service to the world in exposing what had been kept pretty silent for too long - the plight of the Fort Chip residents, most of whom are natives.  Their cancer rate is 30% higher than normal, and even that figure is probably low. It is a travesty.


Premier Stelmach has NEVER visited the Ft. Chip community. I was sure that Cameron would not mention it either, but he did. In fact, he was invited to Alberta by the native community.


Cameron didn't hold back much, saying what oilmen hate to hear - It is clear that a healthy future for all of us hinges on moving off oil as quickly as possible. It isn't happening yet...


Also, about the Northern Gateway pipeline to the BC coast, a monstor that must never be built, Cameron says:

"Given the significant negative impact of the Alberta tar sands on the environment and First Nations communities, the last thing President Obama should be approving is yet another pipeline to pump this muck into the United States. Rather than allow TransCanada to build their Keystone XL pipeline across six states, Obama should support investments that move us aggressively towards a new energy future."