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gram swaraj
Corporate Hall of Shame


gram swaraj

Rabble article [url=]here[/url]. Vote early, vote often.


Online polls are now open for the [url=]Corporate Hall of Shame[/url], a competition created by Corporate Accountability International. The membership organization, which has worked to protect people from irresponsible and dangerous corporations for the past 30 years, is allowing visitors to select which of the following corporations deserve to be inducted in 2007: Coke, Exxon, Ford, Halliburton, Kimberly-Clark, Merck, Nestlй and Wal-Mart.

Online visitors can vote for up to three of the nominees — which were chosen based on documented abuses, influence peddling and practices that harm people and the environment — or they can write-in their own nominee. Online voting will take place through May. The top three vote-getters will be announced in June, along with some voters' comments and the top write-in candidates.

I met some of the CAI people when they were still called InFact. Level-headed people doing good stuff.

One of my possible write-in choices would definitely be Monsanto, which also owns subsidiary Seminis, maybe the world's greatest bio-pirate.

And Exxon Mobil would be a shoo-in too, for continuing to spend huge amounts of money denying climate change.


walmart the predator


Exxon for me followed closely by Coca Cola..but they all seem pretty bad.


GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis and all the rest of the pharmaceutical manufacturers. Inventing diseases, creating the cure and selling it at hugely inflated rip-off prices.


Nortel for allowing Roth to run the company into the ground with buying up failed American telecom and electronics companies before the big NASDAQ swan dive a few years ago. And then they decided they should hire CEO's who knew nothing whatsoever about the telecom industry and pay [i]them[/i] too much money. Canadian pension funds lost money, and thousands of workers lost jobs.