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Gmail questions

I am fairly new to gmail, and was delighted to be able to see use it through my Thunderbird e-mail client using the gmail server (rather than that of my IP). I was astonished at how it synchronized all folders all the time, but now find it decidedly creepy.

If I'm composing an e-mail over a period of time, Google saves all draft versions of that e-mail on its server, in the Trash folder, so that for 30 days, at least, it will have dozens of varying versions of an e-mail I've composed based on - I don't know what it is - thirty-second, one-minute snapshots?

I don't like having such personal content saved by gmail on its server. When I'm in the Trash folder via webmail, there is also no option to select all messages in this folder for deletion - ?! So I have to hand select and delete all the insane copies it's saved.

I would like more control over what gmail synchronizes with Thunderbird, but it seems to only offer all-or-nothing options, and Thunderbird only allows me to control what gets downloaded from the server, not what gmail synchronizes from Thunderbird. I want to keep some folders fully synchronized, but not, for example, Trash and Drafts. I don't seem to be able to select these out. I also don't want gmail to copy personal folders I create in Thunderbird.

Has anybody dealt with this? Would some of it have something to do with the "When messages are accessed with POP" setting on gmail? My options here are to Keep, Mark, Archive or Delete gmail's copy. It doesn't allow specification by folder.


Yeah I'm not wild about that either. Unless someone knows otherwise,  I don't think you can't turn off autosaves in gmail. Apparently I'm gmailing bare naked right now. HTTPS access to Google

How to clean messages off imap/pop3 mail server using T-bird client

If they jus' wanna slow the internet down to a crawl, theyre headed in the right direction with the intelligent switching baloney. Let it be a stupid internet the way it was originally intended to be.