Karl on Parl: CCPA Alternative Budget dares Liberals to think big. Will they?

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Karl on Parl: CCPA Alternative Budget dares Liberals to think big. Will they?



Karl on Parl writes of the CCPA's Alternative Federal Budget in light of the Liberal's budget coming up.  Will the Liberals take some of their suggestions to heart?




There was little chance the Harper government would even read what the CCPA had to say, let alone heed any of its recommendations.

Now, with the new-look, self-described progressive Liberals in power, the CCPA can hope someone in government might at least consider its ideas.

In that light, the CCPA has decided to be bold and unflinching in this year's AFB.

It recommends making undergraduate university education free of charge (echoes of Bernie Sanders); including pharmacare, long-term care and home care in Canada's universal health-care system; increasing parental leave and bringing in a national daycare plan; and instituting what it calls a "comprehensive federal poverty reduction plan."

We now have a government that at the very least talks the talk the CCPA has been talking for many years.

On budget day, March 22, we will see how the current group of Liberals, now in power, walk the walk.


no the Liberals won't. they only go with what is trending or going to trend according to pondering and TT says they only go with poll approval ratings.

having a 1.6 million social media presence and giving the Liberal Party more money through over funding constituency offices and staffers is more important than you know governing a country.



Libs truly excel at both retail politics and social media trolling, no doubt about it.


i can't imagine what our life is going to be like once they get into full swing with the 1.6 milllion dollars flowing.

good thing about over saturation is people turn it off and then get pissy if it continues too long.