Lasik laser surgery

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Lasik laser surgery

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Is this spam? Maybe I shouldn't reply but will add for anyone interested that my wife got this done and is highly satisfied. She couldn't walk 5 feet without glasses before and now has perfect vision.


Yes, it's spam!

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 Well I know it's spam but I'm going to comment anyway.  I know a few people who've had it.  Most are satisfied but in one case one I took very well and the other one not so well so they're left with still need glasses for some things to bring the bad eye up to the next one.  Sometimes they wear one contact. 

I've taken a serious look at this myself as I'm pretty much blind with my glasses.  I decided against it though because even though statistically the chances are really, really remote I don't want to risk some of the problems with night vision or light flairing problems that can occur.  Stuff that's pretty much permenant.   Any risk at all that something like that would happen is just too much for me.

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I had it done over 10 years ago, with excellent results.  I'm starting to need reading glasses now, but a decade without specs at all was really nice.


Yeah, like I said, it made a HUGE difference for my wife. I've noticed just recently that my own eyesite is starting to deteriorate rapidly. I wonder if it's connected to the fact that I stare at a computer monitor all day and at an iPhone screen most of the night.


My optometrist said I was a good candidate for it. Since I have worn glasses for 40 years I would probably by clear lenses to wear anyway. I can't imagine not wearing glasses.

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It's amazing how quickly you get used to not having them!

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The rest of you, who are my friends, may continue with your endorsments.


Just wanna say though, having worn glasses for 51 years now I can't imagine being without them.  They've saved me from getting poked in the eye more than once.  Also they make me look smarter than I really am.

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Ack, spam.

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I had laser surgery on both eyes last summer, and I've had a pain behind my left eye ever since. The opthamalogist said the surgery was necessary, but didn't mention any side effects that could happen. Has anyone else had a side effect from this surgery?


Anybody read "Into Thin Air," the harrowing tale of the 1996 Everest season, when eight climbers died in a single day?  One of the survivors, Dr. Beck Weathers, who ended up losing his right hand and all his fingers to frostbite, suffered difficulties related to his laser eye surgery.  At the high altitudes, he couldn't see.  

Of course most of us won't be climbing Everest.  But is it true that laser eye surgery seriously affects night vision to the extent that some folks end up night blind?

Glasses can be a cool fashion accessory and protect your eyes from ultraviolet light.

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I have new prescription glasses with the shading feature - they turn into sunglasses in bright light.


I will never get laser eye surgery. The idea of shaving my corneas open and then beaming a laser right into my eyes just freaks me out. Seems like way too many things could go wrong.

Of course, I don't even like wearing contacts...

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I can't wear contacts because I have scars on my eyes from surgery when I was young.  The laser surgery was really freaky, an incredible blast of light. But the doc said I needed it badly - something to do with too much pressure inside the eyeball, and had to be released. That's all I remember, her instructions were much longer.


Enjoyed that Thin Air book. So amazing that Weathers even survived. Haven't had laser surgery though.