Murray Dobbin on the colonization of Economics by Neo-liberalism

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Murray Dobbin on the colonization of Economics by Neo-liberalism
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SB wrote:
Even if they jettison neoliberal ideology, what would they replace it with? The concept of 'balance of power' seems to apply more aptly to the 1% around the globe than anything else--and if there is no countervailing power, what is there to stop them taking things to a more disastrous conclusion? Our govts, nationally and provincially, as well as some municipal govts, are allowing the deaths of citizens in this country daily from lack of basic shelter, warmth, and food. The disabled are pretty much left to fend for themselves other than when they are being interrogated about every aspect of their claims like criminals. It doesn't matter what high faluting philosophy, religion, or social pseudoscience the powerful select to baffle us with, it always ends up as what it is--greedy bullying--first of nature, then of the rest of us.

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RM wrote:
Will the NDP will ever "take note?" It certainly hasn"t in recent decades. Is there the degree of grassroots anger that would force a change in direction away from the "kinder, gentler neoliberalism" approach the party has been on? Does a real grassroots movement require a "Bernie Sanders" type of inspired leadership? Is it only a sign that members of the so-called "middle class" are not yet ready to give up on their dream that they are just "one break" away from making it? Or do the Occupy, Idle No More, Black Lives Matter movements show us that we are more than simply "mad as hell" and that we actually are willing to do something about it?

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Edzell wrote:
'Is there the degree of grassroots anger that would force a change in direction...'

I don't think so. I think the remains the group they keep calling 'the middle class' is still too large and -especially the upper segment - is too comfortable & complacent to join or support any serious change of direction.



revolutionary vision cast lawyers as paper-shuffling parasites ruining the lives of the common people. In the past 25 years that ignoble role has been usurped by economists........! there are good truthseeking analysts of economics and finance...just you won´t find them within the citadels of corporate sponsorship!

economists, lawyers, accountants ad nauseum...what with the takeover of economic reality by the corporates, professionalism means in the pay of these monsters devouring planet Earth..........

we must be looking to the people outside the system of corporate globalization and their well paid off institutions of authority....

boycott the corporates, don´t buy their products,,,have nothing to do with their presstitutes in whatever the alternatives!