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NDP Karate Kid Communist
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He already has the titles of sensei in karate, and herald in the Ottawa Medieval Sword Guild, where he's described as a fencer, longbowman and instructor in spear technique. He won an armed combat contest at the Royal Ontario Museum in 2008.

Next he can add the title "MP."

With 175 of 263 polls reporting, Ravignat held 47 per cent of the vote and a 4,800-vote lead over Cannon.

Just goes to show how beatable these guys really are. What an undignified end for Harper's former Quebec lieutenant and cabinet minister no less. 

May the Force be with you, Mathieu Ravignat.

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I have a good feeling about this guy! He could be a major player!


Fidel, don't you mean, "May the 4th be with you"?  Happy Star Wars Day!


Big surprise that the media is portraying our MPs as clowns and jokers.  The headline of this Star article somewhat annoyed me: "Reality show stars, students, museum guides: meet the new NDP MPs"


This is a disservice to all the talented, experienced people in the NDP who have just been reelected, as well as to the many new NDP MPs who are serious candidates.  It's even a disservice to the placeholder candidates, who are (it sounds like) politically active and highly motivated.

The media is also trying to make it sound like many of our candidates in Quebec don't speak French (rather than just one or two), a perception that needs to be changed.

I wish the Party would counter the Media's profiling with its own messaging about its newly elected and reelected MPs. Perhaps for starters the website could host pictures and more detailed bios or even interviews with the candidates about their lives and accomplishments.   There could be a section called "Meet Your NDP MPs" or something.

I listened to an interview with Mathieu Ravignat on "As it Happens" and of course the interviewer asked him about his fencing etc, but (as someone else pointed out in another thread) he handled her extremely well and made it clear that he is a serious person with real political experience (Union-based, I think), a Master's in Political Science, etc.

As for the Quebec MPs (and the handful from BC) there needs to be a fairly comprehensive mentoring program whereby the older experienced MPs are paired with the newbies -- but I think the Party is already doing something like that, which is good.


So if he decides to leave the NDP caucus and sit as a Communist, does that mean Miguel Figueroa gets to be in the 2015 Leader's Debate?Wink

Vansterdam Kid

knownothing wrote:

Who wouldn't want this guy as your MP?


Cannon was gracious in defeat. Some of his supporters, not so much. But reading some of the comments from the Liberal camp, wow. Bitter much?

Like this gem:


Supporters [of Conservative Lawrence Cannon] were disappointed, but also puzzled. Several said they had no idea who Ravignat was.

"This riding has always had close finished that depended on the split of the votes," said Mike Lemay of Chelsea.

"With the orange wave that was going through -the south end of this riding was always very NDP to begin with, and the Bloc collapsed and the Liberals too."

"Nobody even knows where he (Ravignat) is from," said Ron Dufour, also from Chelsea.

"Nobody even heard of this guy until two weeks ago."

Franceska Gnarowski, an aide to Liberal candidate Duncan McMillan, was even more critical.

"That NDP candidate showed up, what, 10 days ago? Cindy deserved to win, she's been working in this riding for so long," Gnarowski said.

"I don't think that was a reflection on the campaign, I think it was a reflection of what was happening across the country."

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Waaaaah! She deserved to win. She worked so hard BOO HOO HOO

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He looks just like the guy in that Chexican Scotiabank commercial.


Michelle wrote:

Fidel, don't you mean, "May the 4th be with you"?

How up 3rd!


David Young

I just read on another post that a newly elected Conservative MP is also a karate expert.

Let's see if we can arrange a match somewhere, shall we?



Krago wrote:

So if he decides to leave the NDP caucus and sit as a Communist, does that mean Miguel Figueroa gets to be in the 2015 Leader's Debate?Wink


Then the leaders' debate would be worth watching.  He might be able to steer the discussions into things that really mattered.

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I would endorse that move

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