NDP Rejects Harper's No Fly lists

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Joe Barker
NDP Rejects Harper's No Fly lists


Joe Barker


JUNE 19, 2007


Civil liberties and personal privacy of Canadians are at stake

OTTAWA – NDP Transport Critic Peter Julian (Burnaby—New Westminster) and Public Safety Critic Joe Comartin (Windsor—Tecumseh) are demanding that the federal government scrap the newly-instated no-fly list that bans those deemed a “security risk” from boarding an aircraft.

“There is clear and compelling evidence that the no-fly list does not and will not work,” said Comartin. “It provides only the illusion of safety. There are no built-in checks and balances that would protect Canadians who are accidentally placed on the list. The creation and maintenance of the no-fly list is also swathed in total secrecy.”

The list, provided to all airlines that have flights landing or taking off in Canada, was modeled after the American no-fly list, on which there are nearly a 100,000 names. The principle of Canada’s no-fly program falls within the framework of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) initiative which promotes a deeper integration with the United States.

“The no-fly list will roll back our civil liberties with a steep increase in racial and religious profiling. What is at stake here is the respect, dignity, and rights of every Canadian, particularly those of Arab descent and Canadians of the Muslim faith in communities from coast to coast to coast,” Julian stated.

Currently, the transport minister is guessing that “roughly between 500 and maybe 2,000” Canadians are on the list. More than 100,000 people are on the U.S. no-fly list, including pre-schoolers, peace activists, and – for a time – at least two Canadian MPs and U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy.

The NDP is deeply concerned about the public safety of our citizens and is calling for the strengthening and reinforcement of airport ground security systems, including better training of personnel and more comprehensive luggage and freight screening, as is the case in the European Union, which has rejected the principle and practice of no-fly lists.


Of course the NDP is against it, Thank Gawd.

How was the no-fly list brought about? What 'legislation'.

Steppenwolf Allende

The ghost of Joseph McCarthy rises again--this time deeply integrated into Canada.

"Thin edge of the wedge" is right! If you look at who's on the US no-fly list, it includes many high-profile leaders who have been critical of the Bush Administration.

Senator Ted Kennedy a national security risk!?

This is getting quite fundamentally dangerous to what little democracy we have, folks. What's next? Required travel permits and mandatory check-ins at local police stations every time we want to go somewhere (like in the former Eastern Bloc, or Jim Crow laws in the Southern US)?

These twits have us sliding down a slippery slope. I'm not sure if even they have any idea just how destructive this is. But they are doing it for sure, and need to be stopped.


Moving this to Canadian Politics.

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