Not Rex Murphy: Humberto DaSilva

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Not Rex Murphy: Humberto DaSilva

Humberto DaSilva won the Not Rex Murphy contest on rabble. If you missed the contest, you can read about it at: .

Here is Humberto's first Not Rex commentary, on the Greek economic crisis. Athough the Greek Debt Crisis is being blamed on deficits, Wall Street firms have been profiting on Greek debt for years.

Check out the video. Any feedback for Humberto?

GREEK SHOCK from Humberto da Silva on Vimeo.

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Humberto is amazing. Smart, funny, angry.

Damn, he's perfect.

Maysie-crush alert.



Is this where I sign up for the fan club?  :)

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Sadly  I cannot partake.  :(


I know...that's too bad.  I think you'd like it!


I don't mind saying at this point that while it was close, he was my favourite.