Ontario's coming referendum on voting reform

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Eduard Hiebert

"kropotkin1951" leaving your attitude and opinions aside, thanks for attempt to help!

You may be surprised to learn, so far, I have never used the "TODAY'S ACTIVE TOPICS BUTTON".... so that is clearly not the problemo...

Fyi, just underneath it though, are two rows of links with one called "babble". That link is the one I have been using and it provides some of the active threads, but not all. For example, having just tried it, the thread " FPTP bad! MMP worse! Vote 1, 2, 3... Stops vote-splits, overruns & phony majorities", is missing and not listed, even though it contains posts made in the last 5 days....!

Two rows below the row of links which contains the link called "babble" is another link on the RHS called "Forum Home". That one two seemingly provides the same list as the "babble" link with the thread "FPTP bad! MMP worse! Vote 123..." not showing up.

So when you are at the top of the page of any thread, instead of saying the loosy goosy "open any Forum and presto there will be the topics from the last 5 days", please identify by name or description and location what link will give me a list of all topics containing posts made within the last 5 days.



Okay, this is tiresome and there's already another couple of threads going on electoral reform, so I'm closing this one, since Eduard seems to be more interested in banal, meandering metadiscussions about forum etiquette, moderating issues and forum functions than on electoral reform.

There's a forum called "rabble reactions," Eduard. If you want to discuss all the ways that you think babble should be improved, go there and do it.


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