Palin, Mallick, feminism: rabble shock & awe

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Frankly I believe if someone hits you, you have every right to hit them back.

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Granted, that is why Mallick's attack upon poor white folks, seems a little odd.


Perhaps you have the right, but are you right to do it?

My kids play this stupid game i call "i'll hurt you if you hurt me". They hit each other back and forth and it's a classic arms race until one of them starts to cry. Based on number of blows delivered and individual occurrences of crying, the 15 year old used to always beat the 11 year old hands down. Except that i taught the 11 year old to walk away.

Now he wins every time.

I'm not being sappy. I'm being pragmatic. You want to win a fight based on principle? Don't sink to your opponents' level.

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She wasn't attacking poor white folks, she was attacking the rich white folks who support Palin, and are hyprocrits, by calling them white trash. She turned the term they, the rich white folk, have historically used for poor white folk against them by depicting them as the real white trash.

There is another whole thread about this. Which gets into her using "white trash" as being racist, or not.


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