on this person "David Jeffrey Spetch " and his racist/homophobic posts

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on this person "David Jeffrey Spetch " and his racist/homophobic posts

maybe it's not even worth it, but in the interests of hopefully changing someone's mind (even if it's not the person who made the post but an impressionable reader) i'd like to see the person banned but the thread stay open so we can openly refute the bogus claims and info they're posting.

That way they can't contribute any more racist/homophobic posts but we can at least have a chance to respond.  I know when i read such utter nonsense i just feel a certain emotional need to say something!

maybe i have too much faith in people, but i picture some lonely guy sitting in front of his computer reading bogus websites with all kinds of fake "facts" sort of akin to the MSM and how they make people believe in things that are just not true by doctoring or selectively using facts to make people think a certain way.

perhaps they've nevr been exposed to progressive activism and just don't have a handle on whats really going on, coupled with a lifetime of being fed these sterotypes by our society.  maybe if we were able to counter all the mis information they've been fed i can't see that being a bad thing.

This was a good example i think because his claims of a "gay conspiracy" and total lack of knowledge of FN issues surrounding treaty rights were really easily refuted and there are plenty of informed people here who actually belong to the groups he's marginalizing who could correct him.

Issues Pages: 

I think at least one of those threads is still open, and you can always PM. 

As well, I think there was even a website posted.

Good luck.



The thread in question was remarkably free from anything but college-level jokes that didn't address in any significant way the awfulness of the OP.  So I closed it.  While I personally don't see the point in using up valuable space and energy to refute what is clearly loony homophobic racist idiocy, knock yourself out milo.  See where such a discussion goes - or doesn't.

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milo204: respectfully, I would disagree - at least in reference to the "Gays and Religious Activists" ramble. I don't believe there is a single argument (at least in the parts that I would identify as overtly homophobic) that is constructed in such a way that it could be debated... it is a rant, more particularly, it is a paranoid rant (and I am using the term "paranoid" very intentionally). I took the time to read that very lengthy posting quite carefully and, while I am not qualified to speak as a mental health professional, I was struck by some of the similarities between that particular rant and others I have been exposed to coming from people dealing with certain relatively severe mental health issues. That the poster seized upon a meme that is current in some of the reactionary discourse that takes places does not, to my mind at least, indicate that they are necessarily homophobic (or for that matter rascist) -- I am more inclined to chalk it up to someone expressing what is essentially a paranoid delusion rather than them being a reactionary crank. Again, I am don't have the professional training to diagnose someone (much less at a distance), but I don't think I am entirely out of line in suggesting that there is more than malice at play in the post in question.


i don't know, i guess sometimes i get riled up and think that anyone's ideas can be changed if they're approached the right way...then again the history of humanity consistently keeps proving me wrong so mabye y'all are right!


Hey David Spetch - start with Ronald Wright's 'Stolen Continents', then try Ward Churchill's 'When Predator Came'. Everything you know you probably learned here in this country and lots of people believe this. And more. It's a lie. All of it. Read these and you'll get it man..