Police Brutality and Charter Violations Continue After The G20

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Police Brutality and Charter Violations Continue After The G20

Gerry McNeilly,

Director of the OIPRD,

Office of the Independent

Police Review Director

655 Bay Street,

10th FloorToronto,

Ontario, M7A 2T4

"Gerry.McNeilly, Director OIPRD" <[email protected]>


Dear Gerry McNeilly,


I disagree with the method of investigation that has been chosen for VALERIE HALL - OIPRD Complaint No. E-2****************4 against: Barrie City Police and their 3 Officers who have conducted a Wrongful Unlawful Violent Home Invasion, breaking down three locked doors, assaulting myself, an unarmed defenseless woman, arresting and detained me with no arrest warrant, no search order, and no court order.


My name is the only one on the deed. There are no liens on this home. These three officers were allegedly guilty of criminal trespass and criminal harassment, assault causing bodily harm, violated Canada's Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Criminal Code of Canada including sections 37-42 protecting equity rights for peaceful possession of the principal residence.


This case is worthy of investigation by the Investigators of the OIPRD and not the Barrie City Police themselves who may only seek to coverup the wrongful actions of their own members. I insist that the OIPRD conduct the Investigation.


Kindly inform the following individual from Barrie Police Services that the OIPRD will be conducting the investigation. He contacted me by e-mail. I will not respond to him or to any other investigator from the Barrie City Police.


Robert Scott Sgt 4547

Professional Standards Branch

Barrie Police Service


(705) 725-7025 ext 2909


The only reason the arresting officer gave me for what they were doing was: "We do this all the time".


The actions of the Barrie City Police on July 31, 2010 violated Canada's Civil, Human and Democratic Rights and Freedoms. No, you don't do this all the time - not in a democracy. The Soviet Secret Police did this all the time and so did the Nazis along with the executions of Jews, Gypsies, the Disabled and Dissidents. This is Canada. Canada is a Free and Democratic society.




Valerie Hall








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Good for you. Keep up the complaints. Any background on how this might have got started?