rabble.ca turns 11! Essay contest! Prizes! Fun!

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rabble.ca turns 11! Essay contest! Prizes! Fun!


It's our birthday! Help us celebrate 11 years of rabble-rousing

We value your support, and we want your ongoing input. This week, to help us mark 11 years of rabble, we are asking you to share some ideas. Specifically, we want your help to compile a list of 11 things that rabble has outlasted (in addition to the FTAA).

We are also looking for your predictions about what rabble will be reporting on 11 years from now. Share your ideas in one or two paragraphs, beginning with this sentence: "On the morning of April 18, 2023, tens of thousands of people assembled on Parliament Hill in Ottawa to..." Dystopian, utopian, sarcastic and even soberly realistic predictions are all welcome. Please send your suggestions/ideas by Friday to editor[at]rabble[dot]ca

We will share some our favourite contributions on our staff blog, and award some prizes too!

I conveyed my admiration that rabble.ca had outlasted Friendster. So that's two things. Any other ideas?

It would also be great if some babblers entered the essay "contest"--or just freewheeled it here...



Outlasted the Bush presidency. Next step outlasting Stephen Harper.