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I'm new here, so if this is in the wrong place, pls forgive me.

Mr. Harper and Mr. Baird and Mr. Flaherty, oh, and Mr. Prentice too, are all woefully inert on the issue of promoting and funding innovative environmental ideas. It's unsurprising, but still a disappointment.

In Montreal, we too have a car-share system, very well implemented and successful. In 2008 we are taking it a step further by making all metro-pass holders automatically members of the program. As such, anyone who buys a full-price metrocard will have the option of using the Communauto cars. This was widely successful in Quebec City, and likely it will be widely successful here.

I agree that pressure needs to be put on the federal government, an entity under various leaderships over the last few decades that has failed to properly invest in cities and infrastructure.

It is my hope that part of the pressure is cities themselves and provincial governments enacting their own systems and programs, effectively keeping the federal policy if not silent, then at least moot.


In Winnipeg you need a car,...But I do not have a car ; although I have had a learner's permit for twenty years for I.D. to board an airplane.
A car would be nice in this extreme cold...For example: If you want to go skiing, you need a car;...etc.

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Welcome to babble, freshwatermermaid. This is indeed in the wrong place, I'm going to move it to "environmental justice". Please continue posting there.

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