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Redneck Party USA

We have created a Grassroots Movement called Redneck Party. We take our name from the "Redneck War" of 1921. Google it! My people marched with red bandannas tied around their necks so they wouldn't shoot each other. Seriously though, amidst being called commies they were some of the most courageous and valiant Patriots of their day.

They fought for soical and economic justice. It was the first Labor Union that paid Black men equal wages to White men. They marched 10,000-15,000 strong against the State of West Virginia and local corrupt law enforcment. It is a story that has largley not been told because "to the victor goes the writing of history". In the recent downturn of our world economy and austerity cuts to boot, we realized that this story of unity must be preserved for future generations and that working class folks need to unite around shared values of justce, liberty, and compassion. We are the ones suffering. Our school age children are the ones going to lesser schools.

I am the 1st Congressional Chair at the Democratic Party of Georgia using messaging to teach shared values. The name will offend some and actually please others (who have been called rednecks, but who are not racists) It is based upon history and we can all learn from that. My Great Grandfather was a part of the March on Blair Mountian. I heard stories growing up about those days. Redneck and Hillbilly are words they have eroded so they can demean a culture and class of people for profit. Nothing new there, so, I'm wondering what your thoughts are on this Southern Labor Identity/Grassroots Movement?

We organize around:

We are Lovers of Labor

We are for a Free Quality Public Education for ALL

We are against Mass Incarceration and the Privatization of Prisons

We are Environamental Stewards

We'd love to hear your comments.

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