Silence on Canadian Coalition Crisis in US Media

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Silence on Canadian Coalition Crisis in US Media

Silence On Canadian Coalition on US Media

"I don't expect much international news from the myopic American media. But for goodness sakes we shouldn't be ignoring historically significant events in Canada."

Perhaps if Harper found a way to insinuate something to the effect of "palling around with terrorists" instead of "palling around with separatists," we'd start getting some wall-to-wall coverage.  I suspect that more than a few of us appreciate having this story going unnoticed by the US media, while being on the verge of having socialists running loose within the government.  With the leftward drift of the South and Central America in recent years, imagine the panic that Faux would generate with being ringed in by Commies.


I'm more concerned with some of the people in Canada that don't  know that history is being made.


I guess they don't talk about it on Much Music.


I put this in the "media" forum and tagged it for the special coalition section.


How'd I end up with all the As in the OP during the transfer?

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I'm more concerned with some of the people in Canada that don't  know that history is being made.


I guess they don't talk about it on Much Music.


If you are suggesting that young people are the "some people" that you are talking about you can save your ageist reflex.

There are people of all ages, who watch any number of TV stations owned by CTV, who have now idea that Harper has taken another step towards absolute power.



I dont mean "young people".  Too many people don't know or care.


This is one of the first big Canadian stories (and certainly the most exciting) to breeze past US papers now that most have cut back sharply on foreign coverage.

The Washington Post ran a Reuters report (more recent version here) at the bottom of page A14. Not exactly top billing. Nothing in the New York Times today, though they ran a one-column peice from their usual Canadian stringer Ian Austen yesterday. He's got another article, currently on the front page of the web site, that looks like it will show up in tomorrow's print edition. The LA Times has a tiny little one-paragraph item in it's "World Briefing" column, otherwise bupkis. Bloomberg (which still has Canadian correspondents and bureaux) has
regularly moved stories on the crisis on its wire (most recent here), which is quite widely read. Nothing in the Chicago Tribune or the Wall Street Journal; I didn't check USA Today because life is short.

At least the Guardian has taken notice. There's only a little AP report in their print edition today, but an article currently on their site has a byline and thus stands a good chance of showing up in print tomorrow. Their "comment is free" sub-site has a good comprehensive pro-coalition blog post from a Liberal blogger who I'd never heard of before.


There are articles on the CNN and MSNBC websites, albeit fairly small ones that pale in comparison to the coverage it's getting on homegrown media. But I can't actually read the CNN one directly, as CNN's website consistently makes my computer crash.


What crisis?


This is merely a case of our Parliamentary democracy working itself out.


I wonder, though, now that Parliament's been put on hold, if we're going to be governed by Orders - in - Council for the next four years.

Adam T

DailyKos has had two diaries on this that have both made the recommended diaries section.


This is the latest diary (which has now dropped off the recommended list):

A lot of postings from Canadians there. 

Toby Fourre
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I was just about to post that Rachel Maddow clip myself, Toby. I'm surprised it hasn't had more traction here. It's actually a very concise and entertaining explanation of the situation for an American audience.

 It's also a good antidote for the clueless Canadians who have swallowed Harper's venom unthinkingly.

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Although, Rachel's mother is from Newfoundland!


Why are some of you concerned about whether the Americans or not? They consistently (the they being Tucker Carlson and Anne Coulter) mock us and suggest that Canadians need America's attention. It does not help when we are worried about whether we made it on to the Washington Post or NYT for our parliamentary crisis. You think their media, as closeminded as it is, would care about our governmental woes when we are in the biggest economic fallout since the Great Depression or the fact that they are in the most important presidential transition since America came into existence. I don't think so.