"Support our Troops" means "Support war policy"

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"Support our Troops" means "Support war policy"

I had no idea that the military had invaded our sports events.
Supporting someone, or an organization, or our soldiers, means just that - to watch out for them, care for them, send them money or food or offer them shelter. They are our kids, our neighbour's kids. To send them into a warzone for no good reason is the opposite of support.
So the term as it is used actually means "Support the politicians who decided to send our troops into danger". If we sincerely wanted to support our troops, we would take them out of harm's way, but the Harper government does not support the troops. They use them for personal profit and gain. Criminal.


Oops sorry I didn't see that.

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I think grog might be referring to this recent rabble blog, but I posted it in the other thread so we can continue the discussion there.

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