TODAY: Peggy Nash answers your questions at 3pm PST, 6pm EST

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oops - I humbly apologise for taking more time with a second question. Embarassed


Thanks for accepting our invitation, and good luck in the rest of this marathon!


Chris Borst

Thanks Peggy. Supplementary: What kind of "new outreach methods" do you have in mind? Jack was able to use Tout le monde en parle to unprecedented success. Do you see a similar "unorthodox" platform that would best suit your strengths?

And do you think you can match soundbites with Bob Rae? (Whatever we may think of him, this is clearly one of his great strengths.)


*sigh* no one ever has an answer to my question, except for a shoulder shrug.


Chris Borst

Got on too late. Dang. Thanks and bonne chance!


Erik Redburn

Hi Peggy, sorry I missed you. JUst wanted you to know that I was already leaning towards supporting your bid for leader, and your answers have only helped.  Lot of good candidates as usual, and I know there's limits to what we can expect from anyone in government now, but I'm personally looking for those I can trust most to turn things around.  Harper's proposed 'austerity' measures won't help, as past experience has shown us.  Thanks for taking the time.

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Peggy has definitely moved up in my estimation. She did well here.

Chris Borst

BTW, jim, if you're still on, Brian Topp has been offering that "50% of Liberals would vote Conservative if there was no Liberal candidate" figure. I have no idea what he's basing the number on (he claims it's what Liberals have told him), but it certainly doesn't jibe with the second choice figures from any political poll I've ever seen (e.g., this poll from May 1, 2011 showed 54% of Liberals having the NDP as their second choice v. 13% with the Conservatives as their second choice).

Lord Palmerston

Oh well. 


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Seem like a no brainer to me



Peggy did a great job. Apologies to all whose questions went unanswered.  The hour flies by fast, so it's important to get your live questions in as early in the Q&A as possible.

Reminder to all, Niki Ashton will be here on Monday at 12pm PST, 3pm EST to answer your questions.