Two months without food, no medical care

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Two months without food, no medical care


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rabble news: “We are slowly dying in here,” Mohammad Mahjoub says over the phone on day 67 of his hunger strike, day 56 for Mahmoud Jaballah and Hassan Almrei. “Our situation is very bad.”

The three men, held indefinitely under the much-criticized security certificate regime of secret evidence and deportation to torture, are kept at the Kingston Immigration Holding Centre (KIHC), dubbed Guantanamo North. Despite last week's visit by Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day, who did not meet with the detainees, there has been no negotiation with the men, and no effort to end a critical situation that could turn deadly at any time.

The story is also appearing in other media:


Yahoo: Supporters say three terror suspects detained on security certificates are being "left to die" by an unaccountable federal government that is refusing to act on their complaints or intervene in their months-old hunger protests.

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[url=]yahoo story[/url]

[url=]gitmo north and the Campaign to Stop Secret Trials in Canada[/url]

Yes, it can happen here. It is happening here.

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There is a link in the rabble news story to the [b]World Medical Association Declaration on Hunger Strikers[/b] which states:


Physicians attending hunger strikers can experience a conflict between their loyalty to the employing authority (such as prison management) and their loyalty to patients. Physicians with dual loyalties are bound by the same ethical principles as other physicians, that is to say that their primary obligation is to the individual patient.


I am surprised that this case doesn't get front page coverage. What is more damning of a democracy than to have prisoners held without trial, without medical care?

Stockwell Day's responses to these conditions have also been unsatisfactory. Not that it was any better with the Liberals.

Why is it that Guantanamo gets so much more attention in Canada?

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It is distressing that we hear so little about this case. I would have thought that the results of the Arar inquiry would have spotlighted Guantanamo North but no, sadly..

Anyway, this site does a good job of keeping us updated: