Welcome to rabble Brent Patterson!

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Welcome to rabble Brent Patterson!

rabble.ca would like to welcome the wonderful and prolific Brent Patterson to its blog section. As former Political Director for the Council of Canadians Brent tirelessly worked with Council chapter activists to promote social and environmental justice and now, with that body of experience and activism, he's with us!

Please take a moment to peruse his blog page to see what he's been up to. Here's his most recent blog on holding corporations to account for climate change fatalities.


At the time of the Industrial Revolution, Friedrich Engels used the term "social murder" to describe the deaths of people who passed away prematurely because of their living and working conditions.

Now, as the planet warms dangerously above pre-Industrial Revolution levels, social murder may be an appropriate term to describe the deaths of those who die prematurely due to climate change.


Great news, and looking forward to reading his blog.   The Council of Canadians is a quality outfit.  

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..welcome brent!


Thanks for your excellent work, especially on USMCA.

Brent Patterson

Thank you!!


Hi Brent. 

I’m going to criticize the article you wrote that MegB linked above.

You used a link to a non profit organization that uses the term ssa. This is a racist term! Therefore against Rabble policy. 

Also the Guardian article you use I find is racist against China, the world leader in the fight against global warming!

As a result I don’t take this piece you produced very serious. 

I challenge you to become a regular poster hear on babble! Think you’re up to it?

Oh and by the way, welcome to Rabble/babble!

Mr. Magoo

Also the Guardian article you use I find is racist against China

If you're going to accuse Brent of citing "racist" sources then please tell us the "racist" part. 

Accusing someone of racism is not an appropriate way to respond to legitimate criticism of your favourite government. 


The Guardian article just labels China as the single largest source of CO2 and doesn’t bother mentioning the achievements China has made in green energy and CO2 reductions. It mentions western corporations. But why no China? After all they are the world leader in green energy and CO2 reductions 

Mr. Magoo

That's not racism.  Really, you owe Brent an apology.


Mr. Magoo wrote:

That's not racism.  Really, you owe Brent an apology.

Says the privileged, Canadian atop his high horse.

Mr. Magoo

Did you read the ("racist") article?  It doesn't even mention China, other than China's inclusion on their "Top 100" list.

 Will you read it, and quote us the racist part?


WWWTT, racism has of course always been contrary to rabble policy.  Accusations of racism which may not be founded, are also against policy.  I  start moderating tomorrow, so perhaps I'll use this as a warm up. I don't think you've met the bar here for an accusation of racism. If you want to expand more on your concerns, please do so in the form of a message to me.  


BTW Brent, welcome to the family!