What Obama's Win Means

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Originally posted by Jingles:
[b]If George Bush was allowed to run for a third term, he would have won against Obama.

I assume that's a joke. The man was so unpopular that he couldn't show his face on the campaign trail in support of [b]any[/b] Republican. Even Truman and LBJ, who were very unpopular at the end of their time in office, went out on the campaign trail.


Obamas election means that governance will become more transparent.
All the lawyers and constitutional experts or those who believe they are experts will come out of the closet to oppose, criticize and demean. He will be under scrutiny like no other before him.
The Good Ol' Boys, or GOBs will be howling out their outrage at the fact a black man occupies the White House.
Wonder if their anger and racism will lead them to re-name the residence of the American President?


What does Obama's win mean well it could effect not only our environment but also our economy greatly as Oil company puts off signing major deal with Alberta Oil Sands until new year. The deal to be in the Billions of dollars and I'm thinking it could also very well have something to do with TILMA as Campbell pushes for De-regulation of the industry.


Yes American's MOST HATED POLITICIAN would be MR. G. W. Bush. Who is Canada's?


Peace for the middle east and co operation amongst nations to help ends terror. I don't know if its wishful thinking or because Mr. Obama has the diplomacy and understanding of the problems that is necessary to help bring the leaders together. I'm hoping the later but then Obama is big on hope and global warming and the economy calling for compromise.