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Martin N.

In my latest imbroglio with Ultimate Authority, I posted a new topic, using the headline of the news article referenced as the subject of the thread. I thought it self-evident but, I suppose one has to actually read the article before comprehending that is the case.

Unwittingly, to me, a couple of posters, without delay or bothering with the issue itself, took umbrage with being labeled hypocrites. Another posted a rather unsympathetic view of Albertans without any attempt to ponder the issue itself. One posted a rather pithy point questioning your humble servant's own culpability in the hypocracy department that I could not answer due to abrupt closure.

I thought my responses to most posts before arbitrary closure to be rather benign but the resultant scolding from Ultimate Authority left me berift of any logic of rabble policy on Standards of Assholishness and its biased application against me.

I wish to unreservedly apologise to the community for any unintended insult resulting from the use of the article headline. I hold no animosity toward anyone here and can understand other points of view. In future I shall be much more transparent to deter miscomprehension.



Sean in Ottawa

Hi Martin, you have been here for a couple years now. It is okay to respond to the site but not to create a new thread for that in the news forum -- in this case two of them. They will be justified in closing it. Your best bet is to ask for them to move it to Rabble Reactions forum which is designed for that. Otherwise, they will just close it and leave it at that.

Also, to answer your question, your problem might not have been the thread title issue (many understand that a title is not an endorsement). It probably was your comments in

post 3 -- suggesting people who disagree with your point of view (which apparently is an endorsement of the article) are lunatics

post 4 - calling a person goofy for saying that the article was a conservative talking point (which is a fair opinion even if you disagree)

post 9 - using an insulte (Sooke) that insults the person and where they are from, that the person who disagrees must be confused and not thoughtful or able to read quickly

post 10 - for this gem "morally superior neomarxists" and again "you do not understand"

post 13 for "What is this s--t? Try comprehending the article and decide for yourself" and  "Try understanding the issue before leaping to condemn"

Post 14 for - "The usual suspects rush on to this topic to condemn your humble servant for 'right wing talking points' without bothering to understand the issue." Here you clarify that this clarification is baloney and that you are clearly advocating exactly what the title of the thread was.



By the way -- you think people are leaping without understanding or taking time to think. Perhaps you are also insulting them by suggesting they have not already spent a great deal of time thinking about this issue already as most have here.

Some thoughts to ponder.

Martin N.

Thanks, Sean. Ponder indeed. I need to parse my words for contexts and meanings other than my own. I am not advocating for the title except in the context that, to some degree, we are all guilty.

I shall attempt to have this moved to rr.

Sean in Ottawa

Martin also I agree that hypocrisy is common on this. The main issue I saw is that there are people on this board who are extremely careful about their footprint and consistent in this issue.

There is in fact a range. You have some who go through some difficulty to not have a car due to their beliefs. They would be angry by the everyone comment. Then you ahve some with small older cars that do not use much gas and drive sparingly taking transit as well -- this would be me. Sure you could say I could do better but it is not as bad as a full blown hypocrissy either.

The superlatives was the problem -- as well as what looked like attacks. Hopefully you can come back from this and maybe apologize to a couple people here who really work very, very hard to keep their carbon footprints down -- my suggestion