Could not post a comment on a Rabble article

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Could not post a comment on a Rabble article



I received the following error when I tried to post a comment on an article in Rabble:

Validation error, please try again. If this error persists, please contact the site administrator.

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That's a common message - I get it several times a day on babble. The site has gone downhill since the so-called "upgrade".



I think it occurs more frequently if your message sits in the buffer window for extended periods of time before sending

for longer write-ups it might be safer to cut and paste from your own word doc


Yes, I think so too.  My babble post about the regulatory bodies in Ontario for health professionals sat a long, long time in the window before I hit "save" because I was composing it and researching the links at the same time, and I got that error.  Thank goodness I copied the entire body of text before hitting "save".  It would have been heartbreaking to lose that post!


I've been getting validation errors as well, and I suspect Ryan and Michelle are correct.  Mostly I've taken to copying text before submitting just in case the whole thing disappears, including the quote part of someone's text if I'm responding to something.  When the validation errors occur I go out to TAT, re-enter the discussion, perform a quick control V, and save.  Its worked every time so far.


If I'm inactive too long on most forums, and I then attempt to post a comment, I sometimes am logged out due to my time having expired.  That doesn't seem to be the case with this error.  Sometimes I get the error even if I've only been logged in a short time, and sometimes I can post even if I had taken a long time (IE, I had been browsing other sites in other tabs).  I think Boom Boom is correct.  There seems to be a few bugs in the system.  Regardless, it is always a good idea to copy a post to a text editor before pressing the Save button (on Babble and any other forum).

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Yes, this is a known bug our techs are trying to fix. ryanw is correct that it tends to happen when you have lingered on a page for a long time before posting (unfortunately that means that longer, more thoughtful posts are he most vulnerable to this bug!). Michelle's advice is good: it's good practice to copy your post to the clipboard (highlight, Ctrl-C) in case of a crash. Reposting in a new window or tab works 100% of the time.