The Erosion of National Policies in Canada: Part 1 Health Care

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The Erosion of National Policies in Canada: Part 1 Health Care

The Canadian Health Care System is being slowly dismantled in BC and in Quebec and elsewhere in Canada. Although Canadian citizens have access to OHIP the services covered are being eroded a little bit at a time. 

In Saskatchewan walk in clinics for so called orphaned patients abound. It would seem that the physicians working in these clinics get paid on a per patient basis. The more patients a doctor "sees" the more money the doctor gets. Patients are lined up and file in and out ,as if on an assembly line. Clinics here in Saskatchewan are notorious for quick-fix treatments.

I know first hand because I work with the health care INDUSTRY. It is called "industry" for a reason. It would seem as if health care reform has become a provincial affair and that the industrial model must penetrate the health care system the way it has done the food least so we are led to believe.

Hospitals in British Columbia are now compelled to take a more industrialized approach to patient care. Physicians in BC hospitals will also be paid on a per patient bases. Its all a matter of increasing production while lowering costs.

It is because changes to Canada's health care system are taking place gradually and provincially that they are difficult to curtail.

How shoddy medical practices wedded to fiscal constraints harnessed to short term outcomes,squares with the PATIENT FIRST mantra of the Canadian Medical Association is a mystery to me.

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Protucio, I think you'll find that most doctors are paid on a "fee for service" basis (per patient if you prefer) and it's been that way for pretty much forever.  The difference that I notice is the preponderance of walk in clinics which is more a function of the shortage of doctors than anything else.

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What about this brother? The B.C. government plans to shift the province's 23 largest hospitals to a per-patient funding model that is intended to reduce surgical wait times.

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The health care system - and everything else we once called 'progressive' in this country - is being dismantled in the name of money. What is happening with money is explained here - What Happened? .

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Thank you very much for this post Siamdave. I  am going to check it out.