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Font size on the fritz



I hate when that hap[size=7]ens. It's so small in there that we have to step outside just to change our minds. I need a Tylenol damnit.[/size]


For a few days now, some posts have seemingly randomly appeared in smaller font sizes.

I can generally avoid it by either clicking on the "plain text" icon on the editing menu, or else I insert a [ size=12 ] command.

Examples: In this thread, posts #32, 46, 76, 77, 102, 103, 109, etc. etc.

Please repair. Thanks.



[size=20]There ya go, Fidel.[/size]



Just click on "disable rich-text" and it will show you all the stuff that is messing up your copy.

Edit it out and all should be fine.


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Yes, the tech team removed a bug elsewhere on the site and it has made an old spacing error recur. They are looking into it.