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Pondering wrote:

Now that's an interesting thought.  How did we decide which way is up? Who decided?

Here's the cartoon lagatta was talking about.  Remember Mafalda is Argentine.


See the source image


kropotkin1951 wrote:

It is thread drift, especially when you skip from orientation to projection as the focus of discussion.

Lol, yes but I’ll add that the last links I posted showing the distorted sizes still show North orientation at the top. 

Really this subject deserves it’s own thread. This isn’t the first thread that has drifted into a racist map discussion since I’ve been here. 


I hope you don't think the people discussing cartography are racist!


Oh no no no lagatta 4! I apologize for any misunderstanding madam. I am stating the maps itself are racist and not any poster. 


I love babble because it gets me looking up interesting stuff. I found this video that tries to clear up the distortion caused by projection. I never knew about the Winkel Tripel until today.


The above video also sent me to this cool link to play with.


Martin N.

lagatta4 wrote:

Martin, what on earth do you mean by Palestinian fifth-columnists? I am NOT saying that to attack you; it just struck me as an odd expression. https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/fifth_column

I missed the PEI discussion - the significance of that was obviously the strong showing of the Greens.

hi lagatta, sorry I missed this post until a couple of days ago. At the time I read it, I was a little perplexed but after reading the'taxpayer subsidising the IDF' thread, I understand that 'fifth column' is now a co ntroversial phrase.

In reply to your question, I used it as a catch all for all the conflicts imported by immigrants who cannot let go. Palestinians was an example but it could be any other global abrasion brought here to Canada.

Semantics aside, there is no place in Canada for foreign conflicts although Canada is rife with them, some sponsored by foreign legations on Canadian soil. The term 'fifth columnists' is appropriate for these importers of foreign wars.

I welcome all immigrants to Canada and wish them success but let the conflicts of former homelands go.

Sorry for the thread drift.

Martin N.


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World War l and World War ll fit your definition of letting go.