I'm so excited I just had to share

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I'm so excited I just had to share

Old Goat will be filling in as moderator for me for most of the month of October. I'm taking some stored up vacation time and OG has kindly consented to come out of retirement for these few weeks. I know you'll be super nice to him while he's moderating, because if you aren't I'll hunt you down and fill your front lawn with garden gnomes and plastic pink flamingos. I might put you on the PPC call list too.


Bring on the gnomes and flamingos but please not the PPC with its CPC rant.

Ken Burch

If those parties ever form a coalition, I've already got a chant that can be used to mock it:

"CPC, PPC, M-O-U-S-E".

Ken Burch

That, and "Long Live The 'goat!".


Enjoy your time off MegB and welcome back OG!


OG better watch out or I will make him babysit my daughter and he knows what that means

laine lowe laine lowe's picture

Enjoy your time off, Meg. And looking forward to seeing Old Goat again.