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Linking to the IS site

I'm not sure how many Babblers are also into trainspotting the radical left but some of you may be aware of the implosion that has gripped the Socialist Workers Party in the UK. I bring this up because I noticed a link to an article on on the front page of Rabble.

For those of you who don't know let me try to sum up the situation in the SWP. Basically a female party member accused a full time member of the party's Central Committee of rape. The party took it upon itself to investigate the matter, and found the charges not to be true. The outrageous manner in how this was all handled led to a revolt of roughly half party's active membership. Here are some links to give you the details of the story:

Anyway, the IS in Canada has remained rather silent on the matter (The Serbian IST group promptly left in response to this outrageous situation). This has not gone unoticed by prominent members of the IS in Canada who have resigned in protest:

I'm not someone who belives in "no-platforming" as an absoulte principle, however I'm not against it as a tactic. And given the disturbing allegations of sexism, misogyny and sexual assault that have now been brought forward by brave female comrades not just about the SWP, but about many groups on the radical left, I feel no-platforming the Canadian IS is acceptable and necessary. They can't simply remain silent on this issue. As far as I'm concerned, in some ways remaining silent is even worse than coming out and defending the Central Committee of the SWP for playing judge and jury in a case they had no place to deal with in the first place.