Links to news sites that only allow x free articles per month

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Links to news sites that only allow x free articles per month


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I'd like to request that when babblers are linking to news sites that only allow x number of free articles per month, that we clearly identify what site the article is from.

The Vancouver Sun seems to be the most problematic one for me personally. Last month I used up my quota of 15 free articles from the Vancouver Sun in about a week, as a result of links to the Vancouver Sun on babble that were not identified. Really hoping I don't use up my Vancouver Sun quota with time still remaining in the BC election.


Advice about no particular site in particular, or maybe about all of them:

if you turn off your cookies, the site cannot count you.

Private Browsing seems to be available on all the browsers [Tools]. Does the same thing.


The Boston Globe has just said, after making their site available "as a public service", that from tomorrow it will be "available to subscribers". Funny euphemism. Bye Bye, Globe!

A problem is, when people forward stuff, we don't always calculate it or clear out our browsers. This has happened to me recently with The Independent.

It is silly, as I really don't get the impression that people are rushing to sign up to sites in other cities that they peruse from time to time. I don't have a credit card so it is out of the question anyway. And at one point, it seemed impossible for me to get high speed, as the servers required a credit card. They seem to be coming to their senses somewhat - they want business.