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Mr. Magoo
Locking spam

This is, admittedly, not a life-or-death kind of post.

But I noticed today that a generous handful of "pro sports" robot/spam posts got locked.  Which is good, since they were surely made by a robot, to be spam.

But I wonder:  why not just delete them?  They offer nothing at all.  But when locked, they provide all the free advertisement that the bot/spammer hoped for, but prevent the rest of us from even making snarky and sarcastic comments!  The only plus of these sorts of posts is that you can say pretty much anything you want to in response; they won't be back to rebut or clarify.  We could be having so much fun, but the only one smiling is the spammer.  :(


I must confess for a second I thought people actually wanted to talk about the McGregor / Mayweather fight here and almost fell off my chair.   It was a great fight and I could go on about it for days.   But I agree with your point above.


The only problem is that I sometimes forget that spammer's identity and click on it by accident, thinking of pretty blue dye. And I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Ken Burch

Those posts would have been removed earlier if the "report this post" key hadn't been removed.  I had to send a private message to MegB to get those locked.

We'll all have to keep watch on spam now, because we're heading into the NFL, NBA, college football and in a few weeks the NHL seasons, when there will be a lot more sports to spam.


While the ability to flag a post was useful, and I wasted a bunch of time trying to find it when I started moderating again a couple of weeks ago, it was a really clumsy tool from the mods end.  I find it a lot easier to just make sure I check my messages.  I haven't seen any yet, so I hope it works.

Ken Burch

Thanks for the explanation, oldgoat.