Make Rabble better by deleting Babble.

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Make Rabble better by deleting Babble.

As I have said elsewhere, if I were a clerk, I would find out a way to fire the whole management class, including me. So I may be putting my virtual confetti Canadian dollarette money where my mouth is.

The management and bureaucratic class are the real bloodsuckers and parasites in this country. They sap the wealth of both the workers and the shareholders, including your pension money. The posters on babble have become the self-appointed parasitic management class of rabble.

I feel a bit guilty using this site as a soapbox for my views. I am consuming someone else's time and resources. 

The administrators of this site are unpaid and unthanked. They are being used as a doormat by us on babble. So I wish to thank MegB for her tireless work on this site, and her infinite tolerance, which is exactly opposite to my zero tolerance. My zero tolerance is caused by PTSD. The extremely good people in the Quebec medical system say I have a zinger of a case, which should be evident to anyone with a molecule of empathy in their brain.

From an advertiser's point of view, I would not want to advertise on this site, because it allows people like me to post my views without any filtering. I hit the button, and it goes on the web, spelling mistakes, typographical errors like not putting a space after a comma or a full stop, personal attacks, extremely foul language, and all.

I say shit and fuck a lot, but about a thing I am talking about, and not directed at another person. Through every fibre of my being courses rage about the existential condition of this society, starting with me.

But I have known since I can remember that I must never express that rage on someone else. That would just make society even worse. I can take it out on crowbars and boxes and pallets and things, and they have no right to complain, as they are instruments of my exploitation and delightful torture. Still, I am finding I can do things which I thought were not humanly possible. Personally I am all smiles and ^5s.

When you talk about anal rape, you sociopathically do not consider the feelings of a person like me who might have had that happen to. You just post your vile content, and it appears. Yet even if I use bad words like shit and fuck in the most polite way possible, an advertiser is going to say no. 

Advertisers like static content which is controlled by the Authorities. Interesting how Authorities and Authors have the same root. Fucking clerks. They made themselves Pharaoh!

Like blogs which have been submitted, edited if necessary, and posted by the Authorities with no possibility of editing or change by a viewer. Bloggers themselves may be more enthusiastic about posting if they knew babble were not there. They may not wish to be unintentionally associated with someone who talks about anal rape.

Not only that, but the overhead in a discussion board is huge. You have to think about new topic groups and delete obsolete ones, manage users and their content, etc.

I am willing to bet if babble was simply deleted, it would be much easier to get sponsorship from the unions and other social action groups who may be very interested in supporting a site like this. Babble may be the reason they are staying away.

And to that end, I am going to stop posting on babble. I detect sociopaths here, and any contact with sociopaths is extremely bad for someone with an even more extremely bad case of PTSD like mine.

If you want to delete one molecule of your headache, MegB, do so with my account with my gratitude. However I know if I stop posting right away, there will be no resultant traffic which may provide other molecules of headache.

I was told by one of the sociopaths here that I have no place on babble. Indeed, why would anyone want to be any place with a sociopath? I will however keep reading, and when I can try to send some real confetti Canadian dollarettes in.

Thanks and all the best. Think I am going to try and write a book now. Some sociopaths put some barrels of highly explosive jet fuel in the worst place in the world that you could possibly not ever want to imagine. Love you all, except for the sociopaths. And you will never know who you are, because you are perfect, and I am all the names you can think of in the book.

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Make rabble better and delete you.


Babble is simply a microcosm of the Canadian left, which is largely arrogant, unwelcoming, vicious and stupid. Perhaps that's why so many have 'left' and why it is largely irrelevant as a result.

All the best pr 17..

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NDPP wrote:

Babble is simply a microcosm of the Canadian left, which is largely arrogant, unwelcoming, vicious and stupid. Perhaps that's why so many have 'left' and why it is largely irrelevant as a result.

All the best pr 17..

Maybe we wouldn't be so 'arrogant' if right wingers like you and pr17 would fuck off and find a forum with a more 'welcoming' crowd. There are countless right wing forums and comment boards online. Pick one and piss off.


It might be interesting to have a group discussion about babble's strengths and weaknesses. Personally, I think a lot of it has to do with the nature of the platform - very linear, multi-threaded, sort of like discussing via exchange of emails rather than in person or via telephone, etc. etc.

But in real life (which in my case means the union, and various social movements), we don't have the luxury of avoiding "sociopaths" (just to adopt your terminology). In fact, we often need to unite, for specific aims and goals, with people who exhibit the kinds of words and even behaviour which would lead to instant banning from our ranks here - including racism, misogyny, homophobia, and I could go on. In the workplace, we can't even police those words. But we can't exclude workers from union meetings, or strike votes, etc., just because of their views. We can, and do, lay down parameters of acceptable discussion in meetings, but mostly people police themselves. Because we share higher goals that require unity.

Having said that - Progressive17 - thanks for sharing your feelings. Whatever decision you make, I wish you good health and gratification in your pursuits. If your account isn't actually deleted, I'd welcome private messages if you have any questions or suggestions or just want to let loose on some topic. I've appreciated your contributions to our conversations here.

Go in peace - or stay in struggle - but follow your star!

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..what unionist said


Last time this question was raised it was pointed out that babble is one of the most popular parts of the site.

As for the rest of it, I am sure all of us can think of people we'd rather were not here, but none of us own the place; maybe there's a lesson in there.

Tailoring our discussions so they will appeal better to advertisers? I must say that is a new one.


Yes, but the site and the board do have guidelines. I'm sure every one of us (myself included) has lost his or her temper and violated them, but these comments were full of racist, misogynist and homophobic language and gross insults. I certainly understand that this person says he is troubled, and I have no reason not to believe him. The comments made about women disturbed me very much, not because they will ever affect me personally, but I'm concerned about other women... I certainly hope he seeks some kind of help.

Yes, actually babble is very popular. It has all the faults Unionist mentions, but it can also be witty, quirky and fun.


NDPP wrote:

Babble is simply a microcosm of the Canadian left, which is largely arrogant, unwelcoming, vicious and stupid. Perhaps that's why so many have 'left' and why it is largely irrelevant as a result.

All the best pr 17..

Well, we know now that Putin is not a fan.

Mr. Magoo

Is it time to put something about "sociopaths" in babble's AUP?


No, Magoo. We here are empaths. Maybe we should put empathy in the AUP. It goes hand in hand with solidarity. And love.


Very interesting thread! These kind of wishy washy threads draw out a lot of extreme comments that are entertaining to read. When I say entertaining, I mean humorous, interesting, very different but overall just a waste of time really. But isn't that why we all come here? Just to waste some time? I know writing this comment was a waste of my time, so I'm sure other posters here are going to regret wasting their time reading it. No?

Maybe we can also get stuff off our shoulders here and do some venting, go on a heavy rant twisted sideways from time to time. Discuss a recent event like the missle attacks in Syria or another serious event that we are thinking of. I know when there's a minor fluctuation in poll numbers we flock here to write comments. 

Sean in Ottawa

I am with Unionist here.

Yes we can have a discussion about babble strengths and weaknesses. It could start here:

Online places are more distant than direct communications. We understand less of each other and less of the impacts of what we do. All online places tend to lack the kind of compassion that is more likely to be part of direct communications (although, sadly, not always).

We can be angry, we should be passionate about the issues here as they are fundamental to justice between people. But we never should lose compassion. The original post here is from someone in pain. It does not matter where the pain comes from but it should be recognized. The fighting should pause for a recognition of the humanity of that person and of each of us.

The judgment must stop.

There should be no delight at someone in pain leaving here becuase they are hurting.

All the discussions about social justice and equality and fairness -- that is all bullshit if the one who posted this is celebrated for leaving instead of hearing that we are sorry that they are in pain and for anything we may have contributed to that. And a desire that they stay.

Nobody who bares the feelings of the opening post should get anything other than compassion in this thread.

The community is weakened and smaller by a person leaving.

Our most important priority here ought to be our connections to other people who care about similar things -- to each other as people. We should not forget that. We all do. I make no claim to be different.

Please do not go.

Martin N.

Deleting babble will merely add a score of socially awkward malcontents to the metaphorical homeless wandering the net.


Very well said Sean