Missing Babblers Continuation Thread, Hold The Hostility

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be careful BB, about the tube down the throat.. a relative's friend had his esophagus punctured by one of those tubes.  the damage did heal, but it took a long time.


So nice to see you, Boom Boom. :)  Sometimes taking a break can be healthy.  Looks like you've been keeping busy!  I hope your health issue gets resolved - sounds kind of scary.

And yes, I think you're right, that those of us who are critical of the NDP should take time to acknowledge that they are not "the enemy".  I think I do acknowledge that, but perhaps not enough.

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Good to see you back Boom Boom! :)

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Welcome back boom boom, big hugzzz.

I hope your proceedure goes well, your friend recovers well, and that your garden is coming along finally.

BTW, skdadl left a message for you in a thread,  and was sad you were not here, did you read it? If not search skadadl and bath and it should pop up.


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Here's the thread skdadl was lookiing for you Boom Boom.



Ken Burch

Get Well, Boom Boom. Hopefully Babble will become a saner place now that you're back.


Wow, the things I miss when I go on vacation. :)  So glad to hear skdadl has a bathtub.  I couldn't live without baths. :)  (Well, I could, but I'd be really unhappy...)

Anyhow, on that happy note, I'll close this for length.  Please do feel free to start a part three if you'd like.


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