North Korea Threads and Moderation

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North Korea Threads and Moderation

Apparently by popular demand. Have at it folks.


Babbler name in the thread title Caissa?  tsk tsk.  I think we're done anyway.


Well, if you're done maybe a moderator could close it. Somehow I doubt people are done on this topic, given its proliferated in two other threads, one of which I started in 2010.

Kaitlin McNabb Kaitlin McNabb's picture

Caissa is right as you are SlumberJack.

We're done discussing this topic! Yay! Internet friendz for all!

I'm closing this thread (and removing Fidel's name too for good measure) now. 

Apologies to publically working out an issue and making those threads go on a tangent, but transparency is a good thing right?

Topic locked