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Quick moderating update

Hi everyone,

Rebecca West will be taking a short medical leave for the next two weeks. Her ailment is not serious and she is expected to make a full recovery, but it's significant enough that a leave is definitely for the best.

Our friend Kaitlin McNabb will be subbing for RW in the meantime.

My love and support goes out to my partner Rebecca and her family as she convolesces.


Take care, RW.


Be well and come back soon. 


We'll miss you, Rebecca.

Kaitlin McNabb Kaitlin McNabb's picture

Thanks for the intro and update Catchfire.

Looking forward to covering on babble, and most definitely wishing Rebecca West a speedy recovery Wink

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..best wishes rebecca!

..and welcome kaitlin!


Hurry back safe and sound, Rebecca! And don't delay your convalescence by reading this stuff while you're away.



Get well soon RW

voice of the damned

Best wishes, Rebecca.


Get well soon Miss West


Be well, Rebecca. May be taking an extended break myself if I can get out of the country by end of summer as planned. Here, listen to some cool tunes while convalescing.


Thank you Fidel, and many thanks to everyone for their kind thoughts. Kaitlin, thank you so much for filling in for me.

Kaitlin McNabb Kaitlin McNabb's picture

Any time Rebecca West! I hope you are doing well!


Best wishes Rebecca and welcome Kaitlin. I wondered who Kaitlin was with all her helpful thread suggestions! Now I get it and wondered why nobody attacked her when she was trying to get babblers to be respectful. Wink

Ken Burch

Best wishes for a complete recovery, RW. 

Kaitlin McNabb Kaitlin McNabb's picture

Hi everyone,

Rebecca West is officially back in the saddle and I am off duty for moderating.

Thanks to all babblers for being awesome, responsive and great as always -- it's always quite a fun time mixing it up with you all in the thread ;)

Glad you are feeling better Rebecca! Yay!


Great job Kaitlin and welcome back Rebecca! Smile

Thank you both.


Thanks for filling in Kaitlin and welcome back, Rebecca.

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Happy statuatory holiday everyone -- even if you dn't get it off...

Another update to say that Kaitlin will be filling in for Rebecca West this month, who is back on leave. Have a restful and happy break, RW and welcome back Kaitlin!