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sherpa-finn wrote:
I will take that as agreement with my analysis (or at least prima facie evidence) as to why there is such a dearth of active engagement on the International pages, compared to the Canadian pages. It appears that there are a lot more Babblers happily engaged in debating the future of mainstream socialism (compromised or not) in Canada than engaging with the politics of refusal as you describe over on the International pages.

Just as there is no viable route of appeal to the existing political arena with respect to domestic issues, the same situation exists in relation to international matters.  For many it seems that matters of life and death don't appear as immediate on the domestic front by comparison with the international front, where life and death glares back at us whenever we spare the time to look at it.  People are more comfortable with gazing into the dregs of the political misfortunes closer to home because there are not nearly as many ghastly images staring back.  That way they can busy themselves in good conscience with the work of repopulating the term 'mainstream socialism' with newer information and relevancy, in keeping with the requirements of capital and their own exigencies of course, which are closely related.

But if that's the line in the sand you are inclined to draw on matters global (NDP = "common cause with deadly imperialism") its Babble's loss, I think. 

The comparison wasn't initiated by me.

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Yes, Fidel, unfortunately you are a marked man. I might yet have to take up your mantle.


Hyperbole aside, it is becoming quite clear that babble isn't interested in their anti-imperialism(i.e-anti-MSM) agenda. They keep defending the status quo.


Keep screaming 'til they hear us.


In Solidarity.

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Like really? We're going to give this Boston story play? Is rabble that desparate for clicks? How sad....


Newport was way worse, all those children taken, like in Iraq, Pakistan, Africa....



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Once in a while, I like to write in paragraphs.


How was Newport not worse than Boston? Dozens of innocent children taken. Boston was but a mosquito. Easier to observe the bite but harder to observe the cancer that has taken over. We slough off Newport as some madman, because that madman was American but we jump to assume Boston was the work of the evil OTHER. We don't wait for facts in Boston. We make excuses for Newport. Oh for shame, if it wasn't too predictable. We kill indiscriminately around the world without batting an eye, but GOD forbid something happen here. Sometimes, I still yearn for Jesus, because from what I read, he might have some insight.


Unfortunately, it's all twisted and I don't know who to trust. But I'll say this. I did have religion and I'd proffer Jesus would say we're all fucked. I still believe in Jesus. I just wish his views were debated. We'd all get along much better.


Meh, I'm not a good writer but I really think I could get along with the fundy-christians if they actually read their own scripture for context and comprehension.