rabble summer fundraiser

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rabble summer fundraiser

Hello Good People,

It's time for another rabble fundraiser, the kind we rely on to help keep the lights on and keep our organization free of corporate funding and paywalls. I know many of you are long time donors - thank you so much for your ongoing support - but perhaps others of you might consider a donation at this crucial juncture. 

COVID has affected us all, some very much more than others, and rabble too is feeling the pinch. A one-time donation or, even better, a small monthly donation would go a long way to helping us continue to bring you the best in progressive independent media, a place where you can find news and analysis from a perspective you won't find in the mainstream media. Please click on the link below to find out more. Again, thank you so much for supporting independent progressive media.

Innoculate against right-wing 'populism' with a good dose of progressive independent media! Keep it coming with your donation today. rabble.ca/donate