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I rebooted and it took two login attempts before I got logged in. That never happened to me before the upgrade. Oh, and it was bog slow.


Is this Rabble's attempt to kill off Babble? Or has the new upgrade been sponsored by Canada Post? Wink

The loading times make it very clear that Babble should have been left well enough alone.


Caissa wrote:
 The loading times make it very clear that Babble should have been left well enough alone.

Yeah, it's about as slow as half popped, extra-buttery, popcorn constipation.

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When I posted in the Quebec Election thread just now, I got switched over to a different website altogether - one I haven't been to in months. I re-enetered 'babble' in my search engine and re-posted and so far it's okay. But I'm still getting that black page that says babble is unavailable for now - but I refresh, and get back to the thread I was on.

Obviously something is still wonky here.


Brian White wrote:

Really, guys, you have either hired the cable guy from the movie or you have seriously pissed off the harper god of the internet.

I cannot believe that it is still not fixed. Did you hire a complete fucking idiot to do your tech work? 

If you are still alive, maybe it is time to get somebody else to do the tech work?


Pretty over-the-top for a pro-labour site, no?

Maybe they're doing the best they can with the resources available to them.


It is, indeed, painfully slow.

Perhaps it is a sign of the times that we are all incredibly irritated that stuff doesn't load within three secs. ;)

But, such is the way of the world.  And babble definitely stands out among all other sites I'm currently reading.

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Definitely, otherwise I wouldn't be here. Plus, many of my friends live here. Kiss


Hi Babble tech people. I like the choices for posting better.

I must agree with others that the time it takes to load pages is still long. Sometimes, it just spins and spins and refuses to load. I'm sure this will get fixed - eventually. Kiss

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For what it's worth, babble still loads faster for me than Facebook. Facebook is just full of crap - advertisements, etc... that I've been thinking of leaving it.

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What's wrong with Babble today??? Took me eight hours to get on!!!


Today the site was painfully slow again, to where its now interfering with my wigging.  It's not like I have all day or anything.


May I suggest a general strike until things get sorted out?

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Sure - if everyone signs on to the idea. There's precedent for one - we did this about eight years ago.


Well, we'd need a vote button or something, which at this point can only mean a more drawn out process that I thought.

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Strike? This is a lockout! Go on, git!

(The site troubles are annoying the whole staff, the techies most of all. Sorry everyone. It's awful, innit?)

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Thanks, CF - I'll try to be more patient. Let's forget the idea of a strike (and lockout! Laughing ) and just bare it all for a bit.

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Actually, as it turns out, the site was under attack today by a group of hackers in the (it appears) Ukraine. Bastards. Must have been the unfavourable coverage of Pussy Riot.

Lachine Scot

Boom Boom wrote:

For what it's worth, babble still loads faster for me than Facebook. Facebook is just full of crap - advertisements, etc... that I've been thinking of leaving it.

Have you tried using AdBlock Plus, the Mozilla add-on? It will blank out pretty much any advertisement you were going to see while browsing the internet.

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Does AdBlock Plus work on Windoze and Internet Explorer?

Lachine Scot

It works in Windows, but not IE. You can download Mozilla Firefox for Windows for free, though. I recommend it, it's a better browser overall beyond this AdBlock add-on.

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Yeah, but I'm on dialup with an old computer.  I tried loading Firefox and my computer crashed. I'm loading IE9 maybe tonight - I've been told it will take 12 hours to load here, but it's faster than my IE8.

Lachine Scot

OK, well if you ever get the chance to test it out again, my recommendation stands ;)

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Yes - and I know a lot of folks out there who recommend Firefox and Mozilla. And Linux! Laughing

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I gave up on IE long ago. However, I have had positive experiences with Chrome and Safari. Firefox competes with something else on my computer -- I'm not tech-sophisticated enough to know what -- so I rarely use it. I would LOVE an "Adblock " extension so may give Firefox another go.

I have dial-up too, boom boom, there's no cable where I live, but also have a telus thingy -- not sure what it is called, you plug it into the USB port and it gives you internet access, something like a cell phone. The quality of the reception varies -- you get nothing at times, one or two bars at others.

Yesterday's babble slowdown is why a post I made on another thread appeared 3 times -- I did NOT hit "save" 3 times, but when the page seemed stalled I did try refresh.  


Sarann wrote:

Would it be possible to have the most recent posts at the top as the defaut.  Sometimes the button that should do that doesn't seem to work.

absolutely, I hate seeing the oldest post again and again in a long thread ...

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I hate thread pagination. It's awkward as hell, doesn't show "new"posts, and "go to new" doesn't work when there's more than one page. I like the old format better. Plus, download the second and third and so on page is just as slow as download 250 posts per thread. I'm so fed up with this and other problems  I'm close to leaving this place for good.


When in active topics we used to be able to access the forum topics on the left-hand side. Now it seems we can't do it and an extra step has been added. Why is that?

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Following up on Boom Boom's comments in post #77, I have a couple of questions:

1) Is it possible to set your account so you automatically load the last page? If so, how?

2) Will that bring about the 'new' flag on the last page, which isn't loading right now.

For the moment, I've got the setting on 300 posts, so most of the threads I read still show the 'new,' but eventually, some of these posts are going to get bigger than 300 posts, and I really like that feature.

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Double post


I tried unsuccessfully to post in the Russia thread - received the validation error - tried repeatedly without success. This upgrade has made nothing better and everything worse. Please get it over with asap.

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At the beginning of the month it looked like the upgrade was going okay - but almost a month later, it's a mess - and the reason I don't spend much time here any longer.

I would suggest ditching the upgrade altogether, but that suggestion will most likely be ignored.  Fine, I'll spend my time elsewhere, and check in once or twice a day.


Not being able to stay perpetually logged in is a royal pain in the arse.

The only upgrade has been the abandonment of the 100 post rule.


I haven't noticed that logout problem, Caissa. Does it happen every time you close your browser?

I think overall this is an improvement, though there are still rough spots that could be fixed.


yes, it does, Unionist.


And... dumb question... you've checked the "remember me" box when you log back in?


Yes. It doesn't matter whether I check it or refrain from checking it, it has the same result.

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Overall the site is working better today than a week ago. I still occasionally get an error message while trying to post, and have to refresh the page.

And on the TAT page, the "New" posts counter (in red, far right) is really out of whack.


I just noticed!

I can paste text into the comment box with CTRL-V again!

Thank you, thank you!



You guys (and gals), I just discovered something that maybe everyone else knew already, but in case you didn't...

Especially for you, Boom Boom:

See where on Today's Active Topics there is the column to the right that says, "new" and has a number in red?

Well, if you click on that number, it takes you to the first post you haven't read!  So that means that folks like Boom Boom on dial up won't have to load the first page and then go searching for the most recent post.

I love it!  It didn't even occur to me that those numbers were actually links to the point in the thread where I left off last!


Caution: It wasn't working when first implemented, then stabilized after a few days. Based on my experience (including a couple of tests just now), it usually works - but not always. So I'd say definitely use it, but don't expect miracles.

ETA: We were discussing this [url=


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Yeah, same here - the red "New" number doesn't always take me to the last page. And, anytime I refresh the page, the numbers in red change. It's cool when it does work, though.

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I just posted in the US election thread, and "New" shows 126 new comments. The "New" numbers are rarely if ever accurate on my computer.

Comment count    New

       144               126




Did you hit the "back" button instead of refreshing TAT after posting? 

If I go read the new posts in a thread, and then I hit the "back" button, then TAT doesn't refresh.  But if I hit the refresh button in my browser after that, then it updates for me.

I don't think I've had it not remember.  Also, if you ever read babble while you're logged out, then when you log back in again, it will only be as accurate as the last time you read a thread logged in, I think.  At least, this is what I think I'm finding.  I'm just figuring it out as I go along. :)

Anyhow, it has been working perfectly for me.  Sorry it hasn't been for you, Boom Boom.

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I almost never use the 'back' button - I always click on TAT, because I've always assumed that's what it's there for. I only click on 'refresh' when it's really slow to load.

I think Telus Globetrotter is probably the slowest dialup service on earth.

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Yes, Boom Boom. I'm guessing that because you're using dial-up, your computers relies on web caching a lot, which means it's just using old numbers instead of re-loading new ones. The new post function is working for me on my high speed. I'm sorry it doesn't work well for dial-up.


If what Catchfire says is the case Boom Boom, maybe you could try disabling caching just for your babble sessions.  It may make navigating impossibly slow though.


Sorry CF and RW, it's not quite that simple. Here's a test I just did on three different threads:

1. Click on the red "new post" link on the right - pretend it's 12.

2. It works - I read the new posts.

3. I click on Active Topics.

4. Lo and behold, it still has a red "12".

5. I click on the 12 link again.

6. Now it gets awfully confused, spins for quite a while, but in 2 out of 3 tests it did reach the thread - though at the top of the thread, because of course the "new post" tag or whatever was reset after step 2 above.

7. I click on Active Topics again.

8. In 2 out of 3 tests, the red "new post" link has correctly disappeared, at last.

9. In the 3rd test, it was still there. I returned to step 7 above, and it finally cleared.

In short, something's still wrong, but overall, it's more or less usable. At least for me, on high speed.



UPDATE: Just tried the test on the Syria #10 thread. It was showing 20 unread posts. Clicked on the 20; it took me to the first unread post, perfect. Clicked on TAT - the 20 was still showing. Clicked on the 20 again, took me to the top of the thread. Clicked on TAT - 20 still showing. Clicked on the 20, then TAT - and the 20 was finally gone.

Just saying.


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When I click on the number in red in the "New" column, I don't always get to the last page, let alone any new posts.  Frown

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Here on my computer (dialup) under the New column, right from when the "New" column started, it's been showing numbers of new posts - even when there are no new posts at all. So, basically, I just ignore it.