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I would have liked to have been given the reasons for the upgrade in advance, and then polled to see if I agreed or not to have the upgrade.


Complaint Guy wrote:
Fidel wrote:
Fidel wrote:
I think I

Fidel wrote:
liked the old

Fidel wrote:
quote blocks

Fidel wrote:
even more than

Fidel wrote:
the current ones.

Authors names dangling above look like an afterthought or something.

Although this has its own sort of appeal at the same time. I guess I could even like it after a while.


Caissa wrote:
Why couldn't the Babble part of the site been left hell enough alone?

I totally get how you -- and others -- are feeling.  This was a major project, and because the site has such diversely presented content like podcasts, babble, video, etc., it's going to take a while to get all the bugs sorted out.  It's also been a challenge for CF and I to moderate while the  site administrators do their work.

All I can say, which isn't much, is that it will all get worked out and once we get used to the changes we'll forget about what babble used to look like.

ETA: Closing for length.


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