spammers are back

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spammers are back


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I do my part by reporting spammers to the Mods, but couldn't we just make it harder for spammers to sign up?

There's an app that makes you copy the alphanumeric figures to copy to ensure you are not a spambot, the figures look something this: WF2 BZA89T - I forget what it's called. Maybe it's "CAPTCHA"?

Maybe it's time to take this action? You would just see it the one time, when you try to sign up for the very first time. I think it's an effective way to keep the spambots out.

It's frustrating to see threads interrupted by these spammers.

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ccdeal6 - is busy spamming the board all over this morning, I think it's the same spammer we've had over the past two weeks.


I've picked up some awesome bargains from ccdeal6, Boom Boom. Why do you want to interfere with commerce? It's what makes our country strong and free.

ETA: Nonetheless, I support BB's suggestion of a CAPTCHA test on first signup as a reasonable restraint on trade.

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There is a CAPTCHA for users when they sign up. These guys are human, not bots. And they just change they username after they've been banned. The only alternative to our current system is employing the CAPTCHA for each post -- and we all know how that turned out...

The best way to stop spam is to flag the guy once, and then when Rebecca or I come online, we can easily ban the dude and remove all of his or her posts.


Some bots now can figure out various captcha. 

You can ban IPs as well as email addresses.  There are lists of known spam IPs and emails at this site (I would stick with only adding recent entries, IE last 7 days or just last 24 hours since the bigger lists are simply too long).  Third party filtering can be set up for Drupal with Mollom

Regardless, I haven't noticed too much spam here.  Things seem pretty good.

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Okay Catchfire - will do. (flagging, that is)

Sean in Ottawa

Normally they come in waves and people work around them and report them...