STOCKHOLM - do you read me?

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STOCKHOLM - do you read me?



It looks as if all of Stockholm's posts have disappeared. At least, I checked two current threads, and one from 2013. Same thing happened to countless posts of mine a few months ago, and it took a fair amount of time to repair.

And, it looks as if Stock's name is gone from the members' list, and I couldn't PM him.

I've emailed the mods about this. Stockholm, if you're reading this - HANG ON! We'll get you back!



Had one disappear on me the other day.  I'm not one for conspiracy theories, but at first I thought Catchfire was using the cover of spam removal a little more punitively than he ought to.


I know he had issues with the board moderation and left a while ago. I just hope he understands what's happening and doesn't take it the wrong wayFrown

We'll get you back Stockholm, just hang tight.


A24, it's not that. There's some serious hijacking going on. Hundreds (maybe more) of my past posts disappeared, and so did epaulo30's at exactly the same time. My login was never affected, and my current posts were fine - but epaulo had to register with a new handle until the problem could be repaired. Even if Stockholm were banned, that would not affect his posts. And if he deleted them himself, they'd still be there, although perhaps with some text like [deleted].

Anyway, Stockholm hasn't been banned (nor of course has he done anything to deserve that), and he has been participating very actively in recent weeks. So I hope this - plus the spam - gets fixed soon.


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Hmmm. I think some of mine have disappeared as well (probably no loss, but it is peculiar). I always read what Stockholm has to say and find it thought-provoking, maybe controversial, but definitely worth considering. I would hate to see him leave, voluntarily or otherwise. 

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Stockholm should be unblocked now. He was not banned or suspended or any of that stuff. This appears to be an admin error somewhere on our part, likely a result of removing some hundred thousand spam messages.

I hope Stockholm will be around to let us know that he is more or less unscathed.


Thanks, CF! But Stockholm's posts are still MIA. E.g.:


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Ok! Hopefully that will be corrected soon too.


Stockholm's posts are back. Thanks all! Now back to slaying the spam...

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my most rewarding job

The Devil





Who the devil invited you here?

[As Catchfire's vorpal blade goes snicker snack.]



Oh fuck, he's shown up again.  Wait a minute, what the hell did I just say?  Shit, did it again! 


Oh forget it, I'm gonna get my son to change some water into wine.  It's a rather weak watery chablis, but there's lots of it.