Tag! You're it! Or, how to use the internet

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Tag! You're it! Or, how to use the internet

You love starting threads. It's your favourite thing to do. Do you want more people to read your brilliant missive on the state of the Marxist-Leninist party in Lithuania? Or answer your thoughtful and provocative query concerning Brian Topp's last press release? Do you want right-wing cranks to find your threads on Google searches? Of course you do. Well why don't you tag your dang threads?

There are three ways to organize babble threads, and you can use all three of them to make your thread stick out on the internet like Keanu Reeves at the Academy Awards. The first option is tagging. Tagging your post thoroughly and accurately will help it show up on web searches and rabble's own search engine.

The second option is Issues. Selecting the right issue page will add your thread to the corresponding rabble issue page (rabble.ca/issues). This is especially important for election-themed threads, since rabble's election page is one of our most widely visited pages. You can select as many issue pages as apply--just use shift+click (or command+click) to select more than one option.

Finally, the third option is geo-tagging. Tag your post if it applies to a specific province (or Canada in general). Again, you can select as many provinces as apply. Even if you post a thread in one of the regional forums, you still need to select the appropriate province.

Tagging threads appropriately and thoroughly will not only help rabble, it will make sure your thread is read by as many people who want to read it as possible. So do it already!

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Damn. You've been peeking at my essay on Karelian "hot pot" and how it is influencing a movement among Karelian Finns to absorb Russia by setting up a Karelian "stew" inside the Russian "oven". The Lithuanian Marxist-Leninst journal "hot pot filosophi" has written extensively about this. yup.

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Make sure you tag it correctly when you finally publish it! #hotpotfilosophi

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Interesting. Can we make use of Google Adwords for visibility, too? he he I'm learning.

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..question: can someone please tell me why it take so long to get into this thread?


..at 1st i thought it was because of the number of links but i found another thread had over a hundred yet it opened right up.

..now it's begining to happen with this thread.



How do people relocate old threads? The search feature isn't limited to the board so I keep getting all kinds of articles and blogs instead of the thread I am looking for. 


Babble has never had its own search engine - and rabble search results seem to prioritize everything but babble forums, as you correctly note.

So for years, I've used Google instead - I start with "site:rabble.ca/babble", then put it any search terms or quoted phrases you like. Nothing's perfect, but it certainly seems to work better than the rabble engine - and at least, it will only give you hits from within babble threads. Also, you have access to Google's other settings - like, click on "Tools", then "Any Time", and you can focus on results that have appeared in the past 24 hours, past week, past month, year, a specified time range, etc.


Thanks that worked great!