Taking my big red ball and going home (quitting rabble)

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Taking my big red ball and going home (quitting rabble)

Well All, it's with a truely heavy heart I've decided to quit posting here. Don't get too excited, this won't be full of fuck yous and turn into an epic dog pile. Well, I still might get blasted in this thread but it'll probably be anti-clamatic on my end :) But fire away.

It may sound like satire but I really do greatly enjoy this place and the posters here.  After my nazi dog pile last week I did some soul searching for lack of a better term and questioned why I'm here and if I'm having a negative or positive impact in the community here. I'm not sure if it did bother me more than I think or not but in hindsight I suppose I was at the very least caught off guard and surprised.

While personally I think what I'm taking away from this forum is largely positive and I look forward to posting here and reading the articles I think the majority of what others take away from my being here is rather negative. Obviously no one is losing sleep over me posting here but I think I just piss people off for the most part and that was never my intention. 

 I'm also in an unfortinuate position where even when I am agreeing with someone I'm either questioned or outright disbelieved. So with that, and looking at the contention and discord my posts seem to elicit I think it's time to politely depart.

I DO want to thank everyone here (seriously) for the time they've taken to interact with me, good or bad. Time is priceless and any time you devote some of it to someone else it's a big deal I think, cause you never get that time back.  I really enjoyed interacting with you all in the last 4 years and 7 months here and I wish you the best in the future. I'm not going to hold my breath but if any of you are ever in Petawawa Ontario and want to grab a drink, have a free supper on me or even need a place to crash send me a PM. I'll leave my notification thingie on here so I should get pinged if I get a PM.

Take care everyone and thank you very much for allowing me here as long as you did.

Sean in Ottawa

We did not agree on many things and I think there were some compatibility issues with the principles of this community but I wish you well.