The Ukraine/Russia Threads: An Inventory

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The Ukraine/Russia Threads: An Inventory

I seem to remember this time last year, and as late as June, having just two threads - Ukraine, and Russia. Given that things have changed a bit since then I figured it might be a good idea to have a comprehensive list just so no one gets confused.

Here are all the ones I could find, going back to about November:



I'll list the joke ones separate from the deadly serious ones, just because:




The TSO thread is not about Ukraine or Russia. It is about sycophantic totalitarian bastards who want to ban artists who aren't politically in lock step with the regime. I haven't checked the other threads, but I'll take your word for the rest.


And the Ukrainian media, and locals, to hear some retellings of it.

It is on topic enough, U. Especially if you read it to the point where it devolves into every other Ukraine/20th Century history thread. It certainly isn't all about the TSO's decision. You complained about that turn yourself, after all.

But the appearance today of a fourth thread on the subject of what Canada/Stephen Harper is doing to support Ukraine is more what made me think it was time to do a tally.


Tally ho.


I'm sure you can glean all those things from it, Sean. And yes, it is a tragedy.

I did point out two reasons why I decided to do it, though.


Sean in Ottawa

Is the intention to say that there are too many or to provide a directory? I not sure from the post which it is.

It is an important topic. I admit that I have had a hard time keeping up with reading it becuase there are so many thread and posts but that is not a criticism -- it is rightfully getting attention. I think it is hitting a nerve for a number of reasons -- partly because the media is so very clearly biased; also because all our major political parties lined up on the same side and people want to at least hear from an alternative viewpoint. Many of us know people who have family or friends over there.

But still in spite of the huge amount of material I find it hard to believe anything I read on either side. I don't know what is true and that makes it hard to participate in any of the news threads on the topic. I hear once in a while from one person but I don't know a second person and I don't even speak that often with the person I do know who is from there.

But we do know a tragedy is unfolding.

Sean in Ottawa

I guess so. I understand why the threads are that way but I find it difficult to learn anything from such a series of duelling facts and anger.


Yeah, I agree with you there there isn't much to engage with, short of pointing out outright lies. And no, not  much in the way of conversation or learning either.


I'm really trying to find out some information that doesn't rely on Kremlin or NATO talking points. It is certainly an important issue, but one it is very hard to get a handle on.


lagatta wrote:

I'm really trying to find out some information that doesn't rely on Kremlin or NATO talking points.

There is plenty of verifiable and debunkable information in there. And there is a range with plenty of information that lies in between those extremes. The Guardian isn't Fox News and Novaya Gazeta isn't RT. 

Problem is that we are no further ahead if all we are looking for is things to reinforce our own opinon and the interpretation is just as black and white.


You just don't like whichever way you're getting it.  I don't see the same concern about party politics and thread proliferation hereabouts.


You might notice I don't frequent those threads, and I don't think there is quite the same amount of duplication. Though I do recall reading more than one complaint about them from others, so clearly it is an issue. In any case, it doesn't invalidate the question. And I am not sure what you mean in that first sentence.


Thread spread dread.

ikosmos ikosmos's picture

You geniuses forgot what may be one of the most important threads of all.

I mean the thread on the virulent Russophobia in Western media in which their democractically elected President is depicted as a kind of Stalin/Hitler clone and Russia is compared to a horrifying and deadly global public health threat or ISIS [even by the US President on the rostrum of the United Nations General Assembly] in terms of Global "threats".

The New Russophobia.

Glad I could be of help. Round up the usual Russian suspects.


Thanks ikosmos. Lets make it 31.

Mr. Magoo

Someone should call the United States a global threat some time.  See how they like it.