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Maysie wrote and then closed the thread:

Caissa, while I can't stop you from doing drive-by, unhelpful and derailing posts like #91, I can tell you that after the past week of talking about Babble and the culture here, you seem to have not taken in very much.
Caissa replies it was germane to a comment made to P4, it was helpful to p4 in that it stated his intent which he has concurred, and Caissa has taken in a great deal from the discussions over the last week.


Ok, I get it.  Ahem...here goes:

Guy walks up to an information booth, and upon asking a question, the attendant replies......"look, all I know is that this is my first day on the job, and they're paying me minimum wage."

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Caissa is referring to this thread. It's always nice for everyone else if they know what thread you are referring to.

Caissa, read the thread.

I understood P4's point, I didn't need you to explain it to me, and the thread didn't need further drift. That's what "unhelpful" means.

And, what Slumberjack said.


So getting paid minimum wage means you should be a lousy at your job?

There was a gun thread a few weeks ago where a few moderators came by for drive-by posting why the double standard for Caissa?

Doesn't "drive by postings" sounds like stereotyping/profiling people to "criminal organizations, and certain culture groups"?





A fine contribution Webgear, in keeping with the theme of this thread.  Keep it rolling with other unhelpful posts posts everyone, as the thread title invites us to do.


Caissa, what do you hope to gain from this thread?



Well, this is getting sort of pointless.  Closing based on lack of reason to not close it.

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