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Yay!  Cool  I found a newer, much simpler way to go to the new posts (still not as easy as clicking on the new posts link at the top of the page).  When you go to the thread just manually type in #new at the end of the link on the top of the browser and it autamatically takes you to the new posts at the bottom of the page!

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Anyone try IE8 yet? I'm wondering how this upgraded babble will work on IE8. I'm running IE7 on both my computers with most of the same problems mentioned here, although not the problems that caused Spector to leave. Actually, babble is working fine for the most part.

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I'm sorry to bring this up, but the copy and pasting function is actually worse than it was before. This, I think, should be a major priority because it is impossible to easily create meaningful content on babble. It's really awful, I have to say.

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Closing for length.


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