What does this mean?

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What does this mean?

post below


It means that someone is posting below the first post because they can't edit the opening post. ;)

(I realize you were actually going to write an opening post and thought better of it, but hey, why not turn it into a teaching moment? ;) )

G. Muffin

How do you know that, Michelle? 

Maybe ElizaQ was saying  "What does 'post below' mean?"  We're in Rabble Reactions, after all.

I, for one, would have been happy to answer but clearly misunderstood the question.



Who's on first?


I wonder Eliza meant to say here? 

G. Muffin

Where is ElizaQ, anyway?  You'd think if you were going to start a kerfuffle like this, you'd at least show some responsibility.  Why, back in my day ....


I think it was an instruction, as in, "Hey, everybody!  Post below."

I always follow instructions.

G. Muffin

Oohhhhhhhh.  That does make sense, Sineed.

ETA:  But I'm still troubled.  Given the vertical format of threads, why did she have to specify "below"?  Why not just say "post" and let the chips fall where they may?


Good point!

We may have to wait for further instructions from Eliza.  (Though she's not online right now.)


see above


Look left, then right, then left again...