What Liberals are missing when they feel persecuted here

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Sean in Ottawa

mark_alfred wrote:

Northern PoV wrote:

Funny - a mod shuts down the "this isn't the NDP site" thread (why? the stated reason was incomprehensible) and one of the main antagonists revives this mirror image thread to carry on his relentless mongering.  And his chief opponent takes the bait.  So much for the mods.  ;-)

Quick correction, this thread was revived in post #65.

ETA:  cross-posted with others.

Northern PoV wrote:

But compared to Harper I am way happier as there is a list of positive moves too. 

So far, the Trudeau Libs seem to be a big improvement over the Harper Cons.

Yes, the Trudeau Liberals are a big improvement over the Harper Cons. It would also be the worst of all legacies if Harper has provided this as a minimum standard.