Who has been naughty in 2008? Discuss rabble's Top 10 list

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Who has been naughty in 2008? Discuss rabble's Top 10 list

We kept it to 10. Fill in the omissions, debate the list and otherwise discuss the year that was...



I'm sure glad I don't have to top my list at 10.

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I mistakenly read this as  "Who has been naughty in 2008? Discuss babble's Top 10 list" and wondered if my name would appear. Embarassed

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[url=http://rabble.ca/news/2008-review-top-10-nice-list][u]Now the Top 10 Nice list is out.[/u][/url]

What a joke!

Barack Obama??? Danny Williams??

What are these rabble people smoking?

Where's the Man of the Year, [b]Muntazer al-Zaidi[/b]??

Where's Cindy Sheehan? Where's Amir Khadir of Quebec Solidaire, who scored an historic electoral breakthrough in Quebec?

Prime Minister Jose Luis Zapatero of Spain?

[url=http://links.org.au/node/769]President Evo Morales of Bolivia[/url], an indigenous hero and champion of environmental activism, among other things??  




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M Spector, you are right on the Man of the Year, that was an oversight -- al Zaidi could have been top of the list. I'm not clear on why Zapatero would merit such distinction, maybe you could elaborate. Evo, by the way, would fall under the category of the "poor, indigenous majority" of Bolivia who heroically defended their revolution in 2008, who are duly noted as one of the highlights of the year.

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Prime Minister Jose Luis Zapatero of Spain declared himself a feminist after his election and then proved it by appointing nine women to his 17-member cabinet in April. Spain's parliament is 36 percent female, nearly double the world average of 19 percent. Zapatero also pushed for loosening restrictions against abortion, which are largely performed under a law that allows abortion to preserve a woman's mental health. A Spanish judge in April threw out charges against 21 women accused of receiving illegal abortions. Following that case, the Zapatero government increased privacy protections for women seeking abortions and stepped up funding for international efforts to combat violence against women.

- from [url=http://www.womensenews.org/article.cfm?aid=3871][u]Women's eNews' Top 10 Stories of 2008[/u][/url]


I think that trumps Danny frikkin' Williams.





The Governor General (and, by extension, Queen Elizabeth).

Stephen Harper

Totally agree about Harper.  It would be hard to do a better job of being a Bush clone.

The CRTC, for siding with Bell Canada and Big Telecom against consumer and net neutrality.

Canwest-Global, for all the usual reasons of right wing corporate media, but this year in particular for their rampant use of SLAPP suits. 

I'm not totally familiar with Canwest's use of SLAPP suits, but they can be completely chilling of free speech, and can grind individual's access into nothingness.

Sarah Palin

I wouldn't say this if McCain had won.  I thought she provided some great comedy at a time when everybody needed it.

The international community,' for fiddling while the Earth burns and for turning a blind eye to the seemingly endless and endlessly cruel siege of Gaza.

Barack Obama.

The United Nations was set up to stop tyrants.  They have exercised none of that ability relative to Bush-Cheney & their Faux War on/of Terror.  The UN could have called for sanctions on the United States.  Like Pelosi, they failed hugely.

The RCMP. Rest in Peace, Robert Dziekanski. How long will we tolerate the cops investigating themselves? How many more families will be denied fair and impartial justice? 

I just found out about the relative of a friend, whose car was stolen.  The Police called and said they would have to pay about $1000 to get it back from the impound yard.  They started saving.  The Police then sold the car, and pocketed the proceeds.  The relative did not have insurance.

I'm talking about Sonoma County, California city police.

Not all cops are out to serve the public, eh ?

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I think Israel belatedly trumps all the picks that made the 2008 naughty list, for their horrific and unconscionable airstrikes in the Gaza Strip,  that have killed somewhere in the order of 300 palistinians since December 27th, and left over 700 more wounded.